Expand your empire above and beyond,

and the world will be yours. Get the first brick of your Empire by minting 1 of 7360 unique NFTs, and start building your way to the world domination.

In Expantum Metaverse,

the player will be able to prove themselves as an outstanding leader at all stages of the game. Build your capital and provinces. Organize continuous production and supply of resources. Choose the optimal composition of the army and customize the set. Create an alliance with other players for the sake of one goal, for the sake of victory.

NFT Roadmap

This mini roadmap outlines the key components of our NFT launch strategy and some of our fan engagement tactics. Dates solidified and announced shortly when our go-to-market roadmap has been finalized after iterations and internal and external alignment across all teams and stakeholders.

Create NFTs and Ensure Smart Contract Robustness

Our game design team is working on creating the in-game objects, while our blockchain strategists and developers are implementing the blockchain mechanics of this. This includes contract publishing, verification, and auditing.Our Product Lead is also determining which game object metadata should be on-chain and what needs to be covered by the game logic. Our NFTs all through rigorous creative process and quality assurance.


All NFT holders will receive our native in-game fungible token

To reward our most loyal users, we will issue enough of our in-game tokens completely free of charge. The retroactive airdrop will also cover any associated gas fees! This instant payday will reward our most loyal Expantum fanbase!


The users who will hold NFTs after drop be eligible to participate in an NFT giveaway

We will randomly select 25 users to airdrop NFTs to. The rarity of this NFT is expected to be rare. Winners will be selected completely randomly. This ensures that the NFT goes to a dedicated fan instead of an empty wallet early registrant.


Public Sale

Our first generation NFTs will be available at this time. Our NFTs will be revenue generating in our play-to-earn crypto game, which means you can play our riveting game to earn real world money. We are focusing both on making the game fun and having a great reward system instead of having a game that people simply want to make money out of. Our whitepaper outlines the tokenomics of the in-game token and the in-game utility, classification, rarity tiers, and all other information pertaining to our NFTs. Our NFT royalties are set up in a way that prevents large fluctuations in our NFT floor price, preventing high barriers to entry like many of the current crypto games.


NFT Listings

We will be listing our NFT collection on rarity.tools and other NFT ranking sites and aggregators for increased exposure.


Weekly raffles and giveaways

Users will have the chance to participate in weekly lotteries, raffles, and giveaways. The mechanics and strategy for this is being blueprinted by our Grade A marketing team, and will be announced in due time.


NFT Staking

Your piece will be eligible for staking. In exchange for “locking up” your NFTs and sitting back as you let them appreciate in value, you will be rewarded accordingly with high yield APY. The exact mechanism of our NFT staking mechanism is currently being blueprinted, but this is something we will deliver. At the moment, we are discussing which approach to implement.


NFT Marketplace

Our in-game marketplace allows for players and investors to buy, sell, and even rent their NFTs. Players will be able to set their own players and parameters of trades, backed by smart contract functionality. The renting mechanism was inspired by scholarships in Axie Infinity.


New Generation NFTs

As the game economy grows and our game scales to have more users, we will be releasing more generations of NFTs with new categories and collections.